Virtual Reality for Training and Simulation

With virtual reality, we are actually immersed in the learning experience versus passively watching.

360VR has the potential to upend how we experience training by putting us directly in the shoes of others to make us feel what they are feeling.

360VR can reach an unlimited number of people compared to hands-on training allowing an organization to train more with fewer resources.

360VR is a supplement to hands-on training as an affordable solution that participants can learn skills and pre-train at their own pace and when it is convenient.

360VR training is ideal for:

  • Law Enforcement Training
  • Medical Training
  • Hazmat Training
  • Workplace Safety Training
  • Fire Training

Train for high-risk scenarios in a safe environment.

Immersive Training is a pre-prep or a refresher for hands-on training.

Reduce variation in training processes which are cost drivers.

Create a lasting impression with your personnel and train using VR.

Easy to integrate into existing training processes.

Increase program sustainability efforts.

Motivate compliance for refresher training.

Why Is Learning In VR So Much Better Than Traditional Learning Methods?

  • YOUR BRAIN – Your brain treats 360VR like a real-life experience. There is science that proves it.
  • EXPERIENCES – Real life experiences are the best way to learn and remember.
  • RETENTION – Experiences in 360VR help you learn better, remember more, and improve.

With all the time and resources an organization puts into training their staff for an active shooter, robbery, fire, emergency and medical training it only makes sense to capture it in Virtual Reality. Once it’s captured a viewer can experience the scenarios in a safe environment and at their own pace.

Trainers can use the VR video for evaluations and improvements.


VR Video can be augmented with text, video, audio and motion graphics to augment the learning experince.



Close the building down

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