VR (Virtual Reality) gives the aging populations and those with disabilities the ability to virtually explore places or enjoy experiences they may not be able to visit physically.

VR has the ability to transport users to other worlds, allowing them to have inspiring, educational, enlightening or thrilling experiences.

You don’t need to leave the building in order to take trips when you have the incredibly immersive power of Virtual Reality.

Make a Connection

Virtual Reality has the ability to spark new memories, and stimulate extremely powerful emotions allowing people to feel something that traditional photos and videos cannot provide.

“Wow! It brings memories back” ~ Bobbye Kososhou
“Imagination runs wild.” ~ Bonnie Kennedy

Inspire and Enhance

Our VR (Virtual Reality) experiences are designed to engage, motivate and inspire individuals with limited mobility maximizing their independence by enhancing quality of life and providing the stimulation they need to have a sense of wonder about the world again.

Visit Anyplace Without Leaving

Virtual Reality for Aging & Disabilities

Explore The World From Home

Virtual Reality for Aging & Disabilities

Hassle Free VR Experience

Aspect Multimedia provides all the equipment, content and support to make your on-site Virtual Reality experience simple, enjoyable and memorable.

Group Excursions

Groups can take virtual trips together and share the experience providing real social connection allowing the conversation to continue after their shared experience.

“It was like being there without being there.” ~ Antwan Ellis
“That was Fantastic!” ~ Thomas Lehman

Family Members

Normally, you can’t control how much stimulation your loved one experiences every day. You can trust that a facility with Aspect Multimedia 360VR thinks of resident happiness first.

Family & Friends Experience

Would you like to have a special VR experience created for a family member or friend?

We can do that! Contact us for more information.

Assisted Living Directors

It’s not just about the beds you fill, it’s about the atmosphere you create.

Aspect Multimedia will personally work with you to develop custom virtual reality content that enhances your current offerings.

Sponsor Oppotunities

Sponsor Opportunities

Would you like to sponsor a VR experience for a facility, organization, group or individual?  Contact us for details.

Sponsor Excursions

Sponsored Location Subscriptions – Cover setup fee and a subscription plan for facility, organization or function.

Sponsor Experiences

Help create special content for

Make a Wish style donor and sponsored virtual excursions and experiences.

Through donations, Aspect Multimedia can custom tailor 360VR

Visit their home

Attend their child’s wedding

Or a grandchild birthday party or graduation.

Take a dream trip

Visit a friend (via Livestream)

Sponsor Equipment

Help us bring the VR experience to more people by funding or donating needed equipment.

Some of the needed items:

  • HMDs (Head Mounted Displays)
  • Headphones
  • Computers
  • Cameras
  • Microphones
  • Storage Media
  • Storage Cases
  • Video Displays

Current Sponsors

Cell Plus a US Cellular Authorized Agent

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