How to create a Google Street View Virtual Tour tab on your Facebook page.

NOTE: Due to changes with Facebook and WooBoo, pages must have 1,000 or more “LIkes” to use WooBoo for free.

Easily embed these virtual tours on your website and with a few simple steps, create a tab on your Facebook profile.

Step by step Instructions:

01: Log into Facebook using your personal account. (not the Business account or the Group account).

02: Search for “Woobox” in the search box, and choose the “Woobox Custom Tab”.

03: On the App Page, Click “Use Now”.

04: Click “Install Page Tab”.

05: Select the page you want to install from the “Facebook Pages” drop down menu and then click “Add Page Tab”.

06: Then you will see an successfully installed message.

07: Switch to your Business Account.

08: Scroll down to the APPS tab, and click Welcome.

09: Click “Configure Page Tab”.

10: Paste the provided Google embed iframe code into the text input area.

11: Save Settings.

Your custom Google Street View Virtual Tour tab will now be available on your Facebook page.